The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

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We are producing a companion series called, Decoding Mythos. Decoding Mythos is hosted by Jeff Mueller and Directed by Charley Bruce. The series features interviews with cast and crew from Shotgun Mythos and aims to shed light on the process of creating the series and to answer questions about the series.

Watch these AFTER you see the corresponding Episode of Shotgun Mythos, they may contain spoliers.

Episode 1
Jeff talks to Co-Creator, Clint Gaige and Marcus Lawrence (Joss Washburn)
Episode 2
Jeff sits down with Robert E. Tucker (Thales) and Monique Gaw (Summer)
Episode 3
Jeff sits down with Justyn Christofel (Agathos) and Rick Jermain (Harris)
Episode 4
Jeff sits down with Stephen Kutzleb (Munn) and Amberley Emile (Heather).
Episode 5
Jeff sits down with Elizabeth Gmaz (Kelly) and Christine Lange (Avery).
Episode 6
Jeff sits down with Rick Jacobs (Bob) and Robbie Whiplash (Ari), and a special guest.
Episode 7
Jeff sits down with Ray Remillard (Amadan) and Nate Nelson (Gryson).
Episode 8
Jeff sits down with Rick Jermain (Harris) and Raoul Anderson (Jed Hyter).