The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Nate Nelson as Gryson

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About Gryson:

King of the Welsh Fey and ruler of the Welsh Otherworld, Gryson, known as Gwyn in legend, was a great warrior and frequent rider in the Wild Hunt.

According to the legends, Gryson abducted Creiddylad from her betrothed, Gwythyr. This led to a vicious battle between the two, with Gryson emerging victorious. During the battle, Gryson captured a number of his enemy's noblemen, including Nwython and his son Cyledr. Gryson later murdered Nwython and forced Cyledr to eat his father's heart. This cruel treatment of his prisoners led to him being placed over the brood of devils in the Otherworld, lest they destroy the present race.

He continued on as leader of that brood of devils, the Slau, until he was displaced by Amadan.
About Nate Nelson:

His father in the military and his mother a missionary, growing up for Nate was anything but conventional. Always moving to a new place every couple of years made Nate very adaptable, a skill that would serve him throughout his life. Nate has been performing since he was in Kindergarten, having a teacher that would have students perform skits and sing songs. During high school Nate was active in the Drama Club, and studied telecommunications. He received the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement and graduated in 1997. After graduating Nate just kind of let life happen without having a goal. During this time Nate studied computer engineering at the local community college, did some fashion modeling, and even started training as a professional wrestler. It wasn't until 2007 that Nate focused on a goal and enrolled at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting. While attending Nate rediscovered his passion for the entertainment industry, especially audio production and voice overs. After graduating from ICB Nate was hired by a suburban Chicago radio station as the morning show producer. Nate was eager to learn whatever he could while working in radio and would often help as a promotional assistant or assistant production director. After leaving radio and getting married in 2010 Nate looked to expand his voice acting resume. He soon discovered that directors preferred actors that could do voice overs, instead of just a self proclaimed voice actor. Feeling determined Nate auditioned for any acting roles he could find. He would go on to co-host the Godamus Gaming Review show on local access cable, and some supporting roles in a couple of short lived web series before landing the role of Gryson on the fantasy show Shotgun Mythos. Nate has not forgotten his pursuit of voice acting, however. He has been studying under the tutelage of the Addy Award winning actor Leonard Dozier. Nate's voice can be heard in the independent movies Uncommitted as Bhishma, and  as The Alpha in The Forsaken Pages. Presently Nate can be seen in episodes of House of Cards, Veep, Evil Kin, and  Amish Haunting. He also appears as Amos in the grindhouse movie You're Dead! Nate is currently working on starting his production company, Bone Box Studios.