The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

Robbie Whiplash as Ari

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About Ari:

A member of Slau Pharmaceuticals, Ari is the son of Dagda and Morrigan. Called "the burner," Ari (or Aillen as he was known to the ancient Celts) would lull people to sleep with his music and then burn the country down around them. A mysterious young man with unknown intentions, Ari brings on the wrath of Amadan by taking matters into his own hands. But two questions remain...who directed those actions and what secret does Ari keep?
About Robbie Whiplash:

Robbie has been featured on many radio shows, such as Baltimore 98 Rock, and on-screen, conducting interviews for Shockwave Magazine. A talented musician who also is scoring much of the series, Shotgun Mythos is Robbie's acting debut.