The War For Free Will Is About To Begin

"We have been wanting to create a scripted series for a very long time, but we were always waiting for the right time, or the right resources. Finally, we decided if we kept waiting for the perfect conditions...we would never create anything. So, we decided to jump in with both feet with what resources we had." -Series Co-Creator, Clint Gaige

Shotgun Mythos started as a web series, and then found a home on public television. After two seasons, the series is being revamped from the ground up. It is being rebooted with better equipment, a few new cast members, and a larger story that will correct some of the issues the series had as it started. New episodes will be posted every two weeks.
Episode 1
Joss Washburn, a small town detective, finds himself in the middle of a supernatural war that has raged for centuries.
Episode 2
Thales explains the rules of engagement to Joss, Summer and Heather. Joss learns his role in the war, but it comes with a heavy price.
Episode 3
Joss learns that a close friend is actually already involved in the Supernatural world. He also gets his first taste of Gentry Endowment.
Episode 4
Joss is still getting used to his new role. With no time to waste, Joss makes moves on both the Gentry and Slau in attempts to find the missing girl.
Episode 5
After an enlightening chat, Joss begins to meet a few more of the players in the strange world he's managed to find himself in.
Episode 6
As Washburn and Associates bring a few new players into the mix, they start to realize the cost of doing so and the considerations they must make for their new allies.
Episode 7
We find out how prison treats our heroes in the special episode of Shotgun Mythos.
Episode 8
We delve into Ma Hyter and Lir’ss memories to find out more about Kite's history and how Joss became the Hand.